Healthy Pills Contest


Competition that consists of the realization of audiovisual projections that promote the practice of physical activity, promote healthy habits and inform of how to prevent professional diseases, through thematic messages.

All the students of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche can participate, filling out the form that appears at the end of this page.

20 proposals will be selected valuing the originality and the applicability of the content in the daily life, the selected proposals will realize the video recording, that will have a duration of between 5 and 8 minutes, and will receive sports clothes like prize.

Healthy messages should be clear and easily applicable both in the workplace and personal, promoting the adoption of healthy habits and lifestyles, in the nutritional area, physical activity, emotional control and ergonomics.

Example Messages for Each Topic

Nutritional: Takes 20 minutes a day to prepare your lunch and healthy snack (preparation of fruit salad and milkshakes).
Physical activity: Do 5 minutes of stretching every 2 hours during your workday (in the projection, 5 minutes of stretching are done so that they can do it at the same time they see it).
Emotional Control: Controls stress with breathing (teach breathing exercises that can be performed in the work environment for 20 minutes).
Ergonomics: Take care of your back (register your position in the workplace for 20 minutes and check it with the recommendations we send you).
The projections will be e-mailed to university workers as well as projected onto the buildings’ screens.