(Español) Asesoramiento Psicológico

Psychological Counseling Unit


The UMH Psychological Counseling Unit aims to address the psychological care needs raised by the university community, improving their psychosocial well-being, performance and/or academic performance through resources
protectors and enhancers of mental health, one of the main axes for the promotion of a Healthy University.


1. Promote health promotion through campaigns, workshops and conferences that train people, or that facilitate the acquisition of skills to improve the management of their mental health, publicizing good practices on the control of stress or anxiety, favoring the development of coping strategies and increasing personal performance. All this, through different resources and infographics, as well as workshops or conferences on various topics that are of interest to the university community: e.g., stress control, low self-esteem, insecurities, demotivation, anxiety before exams and speaking in public, control of impulses, relational problems with peers or close environment, planning, among others.

2. Individualized psychological advice regarding situations related to psychological well-being and pedagogical advice regarding work performance (UMH staff) and/or academic performance (students). The main objective is to guide and help the person to understand what happens to them and interferes with their development and/or personal well-being, as well as to inform them, if the need requires it, of the aid or resources available, from the UMH or elsewhere. collaboration with third parties.

3. Channel the different campaigns and initiatives that the University promotes within the framework of its #UMHsaludABLE program or in collaboration with the Spanish Network of Health Promoting Universities (REUPS) or the Valencian Community of Healthy Public Universities.

4.Contribute to mediation in possible interpersonal conflicts and/or harassment situations between members of the university community, with the aim of promoting an adequate University Coexistence environment.

5. Transfer to the UMH Healthy Habits Promotion Commission any initiatives that are of interest to the UMH university community, in addition to developing any operating protocols that are required for adequate attention and/or effectiveness in management.

6. Refer and/or work jointly with the Occupational Risk Prevention Service (in the case of UMH staff) and/or the Disability Support Unit (in the case of students) those cases that require attention or special monitoring, which involve a potential alteration of university coexistence or which require an adaptation of the position or academic activity, respectively.


On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, an informative poster was created where we want to share information about the different resources available to the university community regarding mental health.

Psychological help Poster



El Clot Building on the Elche Campus

*Provisionally, care will take place in the Altamira Building on the Elche Campus

Avda. de la Universidad s/n 03202 Elche (Alicante)