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III Family Sports Day promoted by the Safari River Foundation and in collaboration with the TAO Project that is committed to animal-assisted therapies.
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 Cycling Group:
Call time: 8.00 am Fairgrounds “Los Huertos”.
Responsible: Eli
* They must wear yellow reflective vest.
Function: Cut roads, crossings or ensure a conflicting point of the test to clear the circuit at set time of race (Civil Guard opens race with green flag and closes with red flag plus broom car, here ends our assignment).
An optional bus will be provided to locate volunteers who do not have their own vehicle or prefer to be located from the bus. The bus output will be as strut as possible at the time of call and it is preferable to communicate the use of it.
The location of the different points to be covered, will be facilitated by the area manager days before the test, the volunteer can also choose to use their own vehicle to streamline schedules.
 Group A Running on foot:
Convocation time: 8 a.m Plaza Colegio Diocesano Santo Domingo
Location: Volunteer Tent
Responsible: Paloma
 Group B Race on foot:
Convocation time: 10:15 am Santo Domingo Diocesan College Plaza
Location: Volunteer Tent
Responsible: Paloma
Function: Prevent the flow of people on the course, cut roads, crossings or ensure a conflicting point of the test to clear the circuit in the established race schedule (there will be a device for opening and closing the race).
Volunteers will be given the volunteer bag with event t-shirt, sandwich, water, fruit, bracelet for the meal, discounts, for example in a test of a300w triathlon club, and surprises. All this in a sports atmosphere to the rhythm of the best show.Profile of the required students: A specific profile is not necessary.
More info at: or on Facebook at VoluntariadoA300W
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Activity: I Solidarity Race “Eliminating Barriers”:  
Dates of the activity: December 10, 2017. Volunteer work dates: Sunday, December 10.
Meeting place: Cortefiel Alicante, Avda. Doctor Gadea 24 Alicante.
Hours to carry out and schedules: from 8 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Contact for volunteers: JUAN JOSÉ CASELLES LÓPEZ, Cocemfe Alicante Leisure Technician. 965257187 /
Conditions of volunteering: diets, work, insurance, maintenance, etc. The volunteers would be insured for the activity, the tasks to be performed are the following: • Distribution of numbers. • Supply area. • Assembly of trophy table. • Corridor signaling and guidance during the test. A test shirt will be given to each volunteer and he will be invited to a snack during the morning.
Profile of the required students: It is not necessary to have a specific profile, although maybe students from the area of ​​Alicante prefer to travel.
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Activity: Spanish Gymnastics Championship:
Collaboration with the FGCV and RFEG for the organization of the National Championships, assistance to the athletes (access and orientation in the installation), times of the competition, collaboration for the proper functioning and correct use of public spaces during the competition.
Dates of the activity: from November 22 to November 26, Volunteer work dates: from November 22 to November 26
Meeting point: Pedro Ferrándiz Pavilion Alicante Technology Center
Hours to be carried out and schedules: There will be two shifts per day of each working group, one morning shift and one afternoon shift of approximately 7 hours each. Contact for volunteers: Elisa Maluenda and Adrián Rodriguez (send an email to request the phone number) Volunteer conditions: diets, work, insurance, maintenance, etc. Work: They will be coordinated during the event and Elisa and Adrián will indicate their positions during the competition, the volunteer will be counted each day and depending on the shift will be provided lunch or snack, the FGCV contracts liability insurance for the event and employees and volunteers are covered.
Profile of the students required: Students interested in sports with a positive attitude towards the organization of events and direct contact with people
Next event to participate:
Activity: Charity Race and March Against Breast Cancer
Dates of the Activity: November 26 at 10.00
Meeting place: Paseo de la Estación
Hours to Perform and Schedules: There will be a simultaneous race start and departure at 10.00 am from the Paseo. At 11.30 the Trophy Awards will take place At 11.45 a Zumba event will begin At 12.15 the Children’s Race will take place
Contact for Volunteers: Inma Guzmán. Request phone by mail or message.
Volunteer Conditions: Volunteers will have t-shirt and free lunch that will be provided by the Association. Likewise, an accident insurance will be arranged for each one of them. The function to develop will be based on the delimitation of the route to be carried out by the participants, so that they collaborate in the signaling according to the local police guidelines. The arrival time at each signaling point will be approximately at 9.00. Once they have finished their function they can go to the Paseo de la Estación to pick up their lunch in one of the tents and continue enjoying the event.
Profile of required students: volunteers from 18 years old


Participates as a volunteer in Santa Pola Half Marathon 2017 to be held on Sunday 22 January, 2017.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the Athletics Club SANTA POLA . You will be informed of all the details, timetables and specific tasks.

The tasks you can participate are:

antidoping control:
• Accompaniment elite athletes (required knowledge of English)

Services Registration / Incidents Corridor Fair
• Incidences inscriptions (English required)

Assembly and disassembly arches kilometric points
• Mount / Dismount and control over smooth functioning until last runner

Output Control area

Victualling in finish area
• Serving the area manager (help deal of material, etc …)

De todos modos, para registrarte en las bases de datos de la Oficina de Deportes de la UMH como Voluntario para futuros eventos, por favor, rellena y envía este formulario:

XII edition of the Triathlon Arenales 113 – Media Cup Spain Distance- April 17, 2016

For more information: Voluntariado Arenales 113