The women’s volleyball team and the UMH paddle tennis team in the CADU finals

CADU, CEU, Padel, Voleibol

19 May 2021

On May 20, the CADU league finals will be played, in which the first classified of the two league groups will face each other to determine the best regional teams of this current year. After a group phase adapted to the new sanitary conditions in which instead of the usual regular league, the leaders of each sector will face each other in this new competition model.

The UMH will be present in Valencia to play the women’s paddle and volleyball finals, after winning as first classified in group 1 together with the UA and the UJI. We are sure that our teams will give their all to bring home the trophy and have options to access the Spanish University Championships that can foreseeably be held in the month of October-November.
You can follow the games through the CADUsel of the UMH from 10:30.
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