The UMH presents the Healthy Meets initiative

The Rector of the UMH, Juanjo Ruiz, and the Vice-Rector for Inclusion, Sustainability and Sports, Raul Reina, present the Healthy Meets initiative, an alternative to meetings in closed spaces where physical activity takes center stage.
The new recommendations of the World Health Organization, presented at the end of 2020 and under the slogan of “Every Physical Activity Counts”, warn of the importance of physical exercise for people’s health, mitigating the unhealthy effects of sedentary lifestyle by high time dedicated to sitting work, whether teaching, research and / or administrative. With this initiative, the UMH invites the university community to hold meetings in the open air, while walking. Different studies have shown that this form of healthy gathering raises the mood, motivation and cognitive activity of those who do it. In addition, the flow of ideas, interaction and creativity are stimulated, being, therefore, more productive.
Given the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19, the Healthy Meets are presented as a relevant option to avoid meetings in closed spaces, always maintaining the guidelines regarding physical contact, interpersonal distance and use of a mask.
With this initiative, the UMH aligns with Sustainable Development Goal # 3 for promoting the health and well-being of the university community.