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Swimming-pool openning

We are pleased to announce that, as every year, the summer pool Elche campus will be launched starting this June 1 until September 30. At the same times every year, from 8 to 22h from Monday to Friday and from 8 to 14pm on Saturdays.

We remind you that the holders of the TDU whose expiration date is prior to this course have to go through here, the Sports Office, to obtain the corresponding free bonus. TDU holders of this course does not have to.

TDU holders whose code is TIU own -Credit university- will have to submit to rescuers as previous groups, but if you are new CODE QR- With rescuers can read their status as university besides knowing if they have paid or not the TDU, and therefore need no bonus. Even so, they can come for free bonus.

It also recalls that minors can not enter the pool alone.

29 May 2019