Badminton Championship

DATE: October 30.

PLACE: Palace of sports UMH


This tournament will qualify for the Badminton CADU, depending on the technical regulations of the CADU.

REGISTRATION: Individual registration. Any member of the university community PAS, PDI or Students may participate. The registration will be made by completing the form that appears in the following link:

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The same day at the place of the competition.

The table of matches will be published in the Badminton Rector’s Trophy section of the sports website in November once the registration process is closed, which can be done through the following link: http: //www.umh .es / sports competitions /.

SCHEDULES: The matches will be played in a single day during the month of October, from 09:00 to 15:00 (schedule to be confirmed according to the number of participants).

GAME SYSTEM: The tournament will be played in direct elimination format. The matches will be played to a single game of 21 points. Depending on the number of registered the competition system could be modified.