College Sports Card TDU

Valid for access to gym, pool and table tennis summer.
Sportsmen and UMH Erasmus Club, both to renew as for new customers will have to come to the Office
____________________PROCEDIMIENTO FOR RENEWAL OR HIGH: ________________


Students, PAS and PDI or users with TIU UMH: may renew or pay the issuance of the TDU’s own Office of Sports (providing the TIU) or:

On line: this link RECEIPT UMH (Sports Activity Type, Subtype University Sports Card) by filling all the required data and introducing the DNI (without lyrics) in the “TDU code”.
A stuffed once, select the applicable discount. If the discount is incorrect you will be notified for modification.

People who ARE NOT UMH able to take the TDU only in person at the Sports Office. But they may renew the TDU:

On line: this link RECEIPT UMH (Type Sports Activities, Subtype University Sports Card) by filling all the required data and entering the number of the barcode of your TDU (the back of the TDU) in the “TDU code” .
On Line Payments TDU activate the next business day of payment.

There will be a period of adaptation to the new system the first 15 days of October in which the entry of expired TDU still permitted.

Rates are: 180 € No UMH – Extensa 120 € – 60 € UMH – UMH Sportsmen 30 € – 45 € Club Erasmus

___________________________________GENERAL INFORMATION:_______________________________


Unauthorized or irregular payments will not be considered and will not allow refund.
To make payment On Line you will have to use a credit or debit card enabled for it.
The application for payment also given the option to print the receipt and go to a bank to pay it.
Click here for TDU services, tariffs of all activities and discounts for groups.


The year runs from October 1 to September 30.
The public opening hours to issue the TDU is Monday to Friday from 9am to 14pm.

Valid for access to gym, pool and table tennis summer.

Gym hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 10:45 p.m. and Saturdays from 8am to 22h. The special schedules are published in holiday periods according to the relevant changes. August closed.

Pool hours: Monday to Friday from 8h to 22h and Saturday from 8am to 14pm. From June 1 to September 30.

__________________________ ACCESS RULES: ______________________

FREE ACCESS: There will be a limit of 48 users. The access system is as follows:

1.- Access control in the room itself to the monitor: Introducing the TDU / TIU UMH / UA TIU in the room to monitor / a.

2.- It is mandatory to use towel inside and prohibited access to bags or backpacks and eat in the room.

3º.- must at all times obey the instructions of the monitors in charge.
Also it is accessible for specific uses of a single day by paying 3 € (1.5 € UMH) in ticket kiosk building concierge Clot. The ticket will be delivered to the monitor / a room with presentation of ID to prove legal age or membership of the UMH and the validity of the discount.

25 October 2017
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