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Swimming courses at Elche pool


  • Course dates: June 25 to July 24. There are not classes on 24th june and 25th july
  • Registration deadline: until the maximum number of users per group is completed.
  • Modalities:
    · Monday and Wednesday
    · Tuesday and Thursday
  • Groups offered:

· 4pm (children and adults)
· 5pm (children and adults)
· 6pm (children and adults)
· 7:00 pm (adults)
· 20:00 (adults)

  • Options: UMH, SOLIDARIA: 36 Euros; EXTENSION: 54 euros NO UMH: 72 euros.
  • Registration

Adult registration: Registration will be made through the application of reservations and registration:
Registration children: The child must be registered in the application of reservations and activities with your ID and password. To do this, you must follow the following steps:
1. Access the following link:
2. Select the option of EXTERNAL USER and click on REGISTER.
3. Under Record Type, select BENEFICIARY. In the email you must insert the one used by the owner, in the other options enter your child’s data, mainly the sections of: personal data and date of birth.
4. Option 1: In the event that the father / mother enjoys any umh rate (solidarity or extensive) should send an email to, to adjust the rate and that the child can also benefit of the reduction. Once verified by the Sports Office you can make the payment. Option 2: For external users of the UMH, they can make the payment directly.
5. Making the payment: Access again the link and in the upper right part of the tab select the name of your child.
6. Registration procedure:
– Class registration.
– Campus of Elche
– Swimming course that interests you.

  • Normative:

– The minimum age to complete the course is 4 years old.
– A user becomes an adult as of 12 years old.

– A minimum of 6 people is necessary for a group to finally open up. If in the schedule in which you have registered there are no more users, we will inform you so that you can join another group.

– Groups, as far as possible, will be made depending on the level of users.

– Once the registration period has ended, the money will not be returned, except for reasons attributable to the UMH.

  • Promotion:

Persons over 18 years old enrolled in the swimming course may also attend the directed activities (pilates, zumba, indoor cycle, etc.) during the month of July. To do this, they must show proof of payment to the monitors responsible for the activity. AADD Schedule:

Any questions will be answered in the sports office of El Clot building on the Elche campus.


For access to the pool during the months of June, July and September, in addition to the TDU you can extract bonuses for free use with the following rates:

You can also use individual vouchers in the vending machine located in the El Clot building for 3 euros No UMH and 1.5 euros UMH. The opening hours of the pool are from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays from June 1 to September 30.

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Opening of the Building Room of the San Juan Campus

Next Monday June 3 will be the opening of the Fitness Room of the Campus of San Juan located in the new sports complex next to the parking of the Severo Ochoa building. The opening days and hours will be from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Because this course the room will be available in the months of June, July and September, has offered a special rate for members of the university community  during this period. The procedure for registration and access is attached to the links below.

Norms of use Room Body Building

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San Juan facilities openning info

Dear friends, as we already announced, today the new sports facilities of the San Juan campus are open and we would like to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make the best and best use of them:
The activities in which you can currently participate are the following:

Directed Activities (AADD):
– During the second trimester you can practice Pilates, Zumba and TBC / GAP activities. During this month, you can go to try any of these activities. Ask our monitors any questions you may have, they are great professionals and experts who will guide and adapt the activity to your level of fitness.
– The information regarding the description of the activities, registration process and payments for the third quarter is available at the following link:
– We are working on expanding both the offer and the schedule of activities for the third quarter. We will keep you informed.

Sports tracks:
– The sports complex has a multi-sports court, which you can currently reserve for indoor football practice. And soon, we can offer its use for basketball and volleyball.
– The installation also features a tennis court and two paddle tennis courts.
– In the following link you have the information to make reservations and the cost of them:

Fitness room:
– Next opening.
– The room will have weight training machines, free weights and machines for aerobic exercise.

We hope to answer all your questions. However, for any other information you can go to the following email address:

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TDU registration

From today Monday, October 3 from 9am to 14pm, you can renew the University Sports Card TDU or remove it as a new high.

Complete information on this link


Students, PAS and PDI or users with TIU UMH: may either renew or pay the issuance of the TDU's own Office of Sports (providing the TIU or TDU) or:

On line: this link RECEIPT UMH, filling all the required data and introducing the DNI (without lyrics), or the bar code of the TDU, in the "TDU code".
A stuffed once, select the applicable discount. If the discount is incorrect you will be notified for modification.

People who ARE NOT UMH able to take the TDU only in person at the Sports Office. But they may renew the TDU:

On line: this link RECEIPT UMH, filling all the required data and entering the number of the barcode of your TDU (the back of the TDU) in the "TDU code".
On Line Payments TDU activate the next business day of payment.

There will be a period of adaptation to the new system the first 15 days of October in which the entry of expired TDU still permitted.

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Come and try for free the guided activities from 3 to 8 October in the sports hall of the UMH.

You can enter all the targeted classes on the schedule you want more information here.

The academic year begins playing sports with us.

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Open enrollment period UMH Guided Activities 1st quarter


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Gym distribution

Distribucion gym

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UMH Summer pool opening

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Opennning new TDU season

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Renewal or High Deportiva Universitaria Card

Starting on October 1st, in the Sport Management Unit in Building The campus Cloto Elche, from 9h to 14h and from Monday to Friday, and you can renew or signing up to the University Sports Card for access and Cardio Fitness room of the Palau.

Information on how to renew it or get you in the

We remind you that you can renew on-line and there will be a grace period for the more clueless than 15 days, which still may enter the room without being renewed.

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