Open the registration period of the Courses of Improvement

Advanced Training Courses

Plan of Courses of Improvement oriented to the development of complementary skills and the delivery of necessary knowledge for an integral formation of the students of the Degree in Sciences of the Physical Activity, and of the people related with the sport field, based on the demands of the working environment In which we are.

We seek to create multipurpose professionals, encouraging development in various areas of physical activity, providing complementary training that allows them to develop in the area of fitness.


El Clot Sports Training Center
Sports Pavilion Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche


20 Theory hours (they are realized in the schedules that appear in each course)
30 hours of practice (They are done at the end of the course with a maximum term of 3 months, depending on the availability and schedules of students)

Price (for each course):

UMH / UA € 100
Extensive € 150
External UMH 200 €


-2 Credits for transversal competences

To know the curriculum, teachers, and facilities of each course, go to the following link: