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(Español) CEU Triatlón

31 May, 2014

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CEU Triathlon

31 May, 2014

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Athletic CADU

12 May, 2013

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CADU Triatlón

28 April, 2013

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Duatcross Elche 2012

The 16th of December in the DUATCROSS Elche ELX 2012. The basic data of the test you can see on this information. All students interested in working with the organization in exchange for elective credits may contact the personnel manager in the mail competition.
This test will also serve as a charity event, as they collect food for Caritas, which will bring participants and volunteers.
Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to make the journey, aid stations, runners prepare bags Caritas and help with food collection. Receive up to 2 elective credits, a T-shirt, lunch and free assistance seminar or talk on the organization of sporting events.
• Test Info:
Sports: Duathlon Mountain. Duathlon Cros.
• Distances: 7 km running – 22 km cycle – 3.5 km running.
• Open to: Over 18 years. Location: Elche (Alicante).
• Day: Sunday December 16, 2012. Check-out time: 10:00 h.
• Start and finish: Paseo de la Estación.
• Collection of numbers: Elche, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December at Store Bikila all day, and December 16 in Bikila before departure between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.
• Performance: Participation in the test, T, showers, provisioning and meta Race, runner’s bag, ambulance service, insurance, prize draw, chip, etc …
• Contact:
• Wardrobe: Bikila In the same store, up to 30 ‘minutes before departure.

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Bike Race Christmas UMH

On December 22, Campus de Elche, in front of the building Altabix, will be the First Christmas UMH Race, this race will be a bike on a circuit of 1.8 km. The race will place at 15h and registration must be individual as the Teams will be made randomly by the organization. The team individual winner and the winner will be invited to the Gala Sports, where they will present the award. To register you must fill out the form will facilitate on the web, there is no limit of players and can participate any bike. We hope to see you in front of the building Thursday Altabix to welcome


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Organizational success and participation in Elche School Duathlon

The Triathlon Club Ilicitano organized the first edition of Elche School Duathlon, which was the first test of about 20 that make up the calendar of sports games of the Valencian Community.

The facilities of the University Miguel Hernandez welcomed young athletes from Almoradí to Vinarós, from all autonomous schools and clubs. There were categories from multisport (born between 2004 and 2005) to Cadets (born between 1996-1997).

In cadet category, with 2,200 meters of running, cycling and other 9340 1,100 of running, the winners were Julia Moses Pear and Saez, both Ilicitano Triathlon Club. In children, with 1.740 meters of running, 7030 and 870 bicycle race walk, won Alejandro Ortiz, the A Run Cuito, and Andrea Fernandez of Multiesport Marina Alta. In Fry, with a circuit of 1,000 meters race walk, 4,000 and 500 bicycle race on foot, were imposed Cristian Sanchez of Marathon Running Club Carr, and Melissa Gomiz, Almoradí Cycling Club.

Categories also competed for the youngest and multisport, Promotion Meeting for the School Age, in which many children, between six and nine years, mainly from Elche, would delight of parents and coaches.

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(Español) Equipo de Triatlón UMH

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Inscripción en las competiciones internas y en los equipos UMH para el Cto Autonómico CADU y de España CEU para la temporada 2011/2012

Ya puedes rellenar el formulario de inscripción para ambas competiciones, las internas y las externas. Pincha aquí, rellena el formulario, envíanoslo y recibirás la confirmación a tu inscripción.

Toda la información sobre las competiciones, plazos de inscripción, enlaces a las aplicaciones umh, calendarios, resultados anteriores, modalidades deportivas, etc, la puedes obtener pinchando aquí.

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El CEU de Triatlón cierra la temporada oficial para la UMH

Celebrado el pasado fin de semana, 23 y 24 de junio, en Pontevedra, organizado por la Universidad de Vigo, contó con la participación de 4 triatletas de la UMH, Ana Navajas (39ª), Ismael Montero (82º), Carlos Devis (73º) y Dionisio Fernández (69º). Hay que resaltar el extraordinario nivel de los participantes, algunos de ellos repetirían experiencia en la prueba internacional que tuvo lugar el domingo 26.

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