Summer School and Junior Classroom

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XVII Edition-2019

The Vice-Rectorate for Students and Sports launches the XVII edition of the UMH Summer School and the Junior Classroom.

It will be carried out in the Campuses of Sant Joan, Elche and Orihuela, using the infrastructures that the University offers in each Campus for children aged between 4 and 11 for the Summer School and between 12 and 14 for the Junior Class. Summer School will admit children aged 4 and 11 before December 31, 2018, with different groups being established based on the age and number of children enrolled.

The Campus of Elche will have the possibility of enjoying the swimming pool located inside the university campus with the supervision of first-aiders hired for this work. The minimum age for access to it will be 5 years, knowing how to swim autonomously.

The Summer School and the Junior Classroom will be open

  • from June 25 until July 31 on the campus of Elche and Orihuela and
  • from June 26 until July 31 on the campus of Sant Joan.

In September there will be Summer School and Junior Classroom from day 2 to 6, (provisionally, until confirmation of the start date of the new school year).

Local holidays, During the school period, are as follows:

  1. Campus of Elche: July 25.
  2. Campus of Sant Joan: June 25. The Summer School and the Junior Classroom will begin on June 26 on this campus.
  3. Campus of Orihuela: July 17.

The schedule will be, generally speaking, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. The exceptional schedule from 8:00 to 8:30 will cost 4 € / day.

The dining schedule will be from 12.30 to 14.30. Those children who do not use this option will stay in the classroom with the monitor until collected by their tutors.

Both Schools will be open to the University Community and interested persons with the following registration criteria:

  1. UMH staff.
  2. Students and Alumni
  3. Employees of contracted companies that provide their services in the UMH Campus.
  4. UMH Extensa Card Holders.

In the case of vacancies, they may be filled with interested persons outside the UMH.

  • Total number of places offered for Summer School:
    • Elche: 200
    • Sant Joan d’Alacant: 60
    • Orihuela: 40
  • Total number of places offered for Junior Classroom:
    • Elche: 60
    • Sant Joan d’Alacant: 20
    • Orihuela: 20
    • The attendance of several brothers to the Summer School will mean a reduction in the rates. This reduction can also be applied between the Summer School and the UMH Junior Classroom (for children from 12 to 14 years).


PRE-REGISTRATION period: from 1 to 14 April, 2019 or until places are filled. If this happens before april 14th, a notice will be posted on this blog.

To the pre-registration data and the receipt, which must be paid for each child who wants to enroll in these activities, will be accessed from this LINK, which will be published in this same point and will be operational from April 1.

IMPORTANT: You have to keep in mind that some browsers block, for security, the emerging elements. During the pre-enrollment process, after clicking “Download the receipt”, must be displayed a. pdf file that displays the receipt. If it has not happened, you have to click on the right end of the address bar, and unlock pop-up files, in order to print the receipt.

In this link, all the necessary data will be filled in, including if you belong to the Numerous Family or Integration Space collective. It is important to take into account that in the case that the child belongs to ONE of these groups, and once the place is confirmed, it will be necessary to present, upon receiving the confirmation email, the supporting documents, in the Sports Office, delivering personally at the office or by emailing them to, to have access to the registration and obtain the corresponding discount in the registration (later phase).

The place of the child or the girl will be confirmed by email in strict order of pre-registration following the criteria specified above. In case of not obtaining a place, due to lack of vacancies, and only in this case, the pre-inscriptions paid will be returned.

REGISTRATION Phase: from 6 to 19 May. At the end of this period, payments must be formalized. Otherwise, the place will be vacant.

The confirmation email will include the personalized link through which you can access your pre-inscriptions and the receipt of registration of children who previously pre-registered. In this application you will see all the information you gave us in the pre-registration phase referring to the children and the characteristics of each registration.

By accessing the registration you will have available to download the authorization document for your children to appear, or not, in the images that are generated during the activities they do in the Summer School or the Junior Classroom. This document, printed and signed by the tutor of the children, must be delivered to the monitors on the first day of class.

The discounts on the general rate corresponding to the Staff UMH, Students UMH, Alumni and the Extended Card (provided that these situations are valid at the time of pre-registration and, therefore, collected in our databases), will be made directly by the application in the enrollment process that, in its last phase, will prepare the corresponding receipts for these fees.

In the case of the ALUMNI collective, the discount corresponding to the Extensa rate will also be automatically made provided that the tutor or the tutor is correctly registered in the corresponding application. It must be taken into account that belonging to the Alumni UMH collective requires registration (free). Alumni UMH can be all the graduates in official studies or in the own titles of University Superior Diploma, Master, University Expert and University Specialist of the UMH. In the link you can request registration using the UMH username and password. In case of not remembering the password or for any doubt, you can contact

It is very important that before confirming the payment verify that the amount is correct and that corresponding to your current rate. In case this amount does not correspond you should consult our Office in case it is due to the fact that your data is not updated.


 Any of these discounts, which can not be accumulated, can only be obtained at the Sports Office by providing the documentation that justifies it (it can be delivered in person at the Office or, preferably, sent to the e-mail address

  • The enrollment of children with disabilities greater than 33% (Integration Space) will have a discount of 50% on the applicable rate.
  • Large families will have a discount of 25% on the applicable rate.
  • Large families of special category will have a 45% discount on the applicable rate.

We remind you that you can only opt for one of these discounts.


  • Registrations canceled 15 days before the start of the Summer School and the Junior Classroom will be refunded 50% of the total amount.
  • The pre-registration fee of € 30 will not be refunded in any case EXCEPT if, after the pre-registration has been paid, the position is not obtained due to lack of vacancies.
Staff and Students UMH Extensa Card


Complete package

(5 weeks 25-06 a 31-07)

first brother 165€ 242,50€ 320€
2nd brother and successive 136,2€ 200,2€ 264,2€
For weeks

(also in September)

first brother 53€ 79,50€ 106€
2nd brother and successive 47€ 70,50€ 94€
Extra attention

8:00-8:30 h./día

4€ 4€ 4€
Extra attention 8:00-8:30h

(Complete package)

20€ 30€ 40€
(*) The ALUMNI collective, registered in our bases, is considered directly Extensa rate.


The operation of the Dining Room for the Summer School and the Junior Classroom this year will be the same as in 2018. That is, it will be managed directly by the Cafeterias of our campuses. We want to emphasize that, in relation to the dining room, everything related to the care of children will work as always: they will be attended at all times and accompanied by the monitors of the Summer School and the Junior Classroom.

You can access all the information about the purchase procedure of the bonds you need for your children’s meals and the menus, from the links that we will publish shortly in this section.


IMPORTANT: The Miguel Hernández University is not responsible for the loss or breakage of objects the materials that the children bring to the School (glasses, mobiles, bracelets, etc.)

Contact and customer service (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm):
Alicia Guridi Alcocer
Sports Office – El Clot Building
Avda. De la Universidad, s / n – 03202 Elche
Telephone: 96 522 2699

Vice-rectorate of Students and Sports
Prof. Cordelia Estévez Casellas.
Tel: 965 91 94 72
Mobile: 669 385 004
22 July 2019