Universitary Residence

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6 independent, on the campus of Elche, next to the new building Arenales and next to the sports facilities of El Clot homes.

They operate under shared house with common kitchen and living area, and separate bedrooms with bathroom.

There are 24 rooms in total: 8 doubles, 2 for the disabled, and 14 singles.

Application Protocol:

User obligations:

Keep the property in good condition and household equipment as detailed in the inventory.
Respect other people that is hosted on the premises.
It prohibited the entry of persons outside the residence contract.
Save the rules of decorum and coexistence, and quiet hours are set from 22h until 8am.
Keep stay, household items, furniture and appliances clean and in proper use until they leave and leave tidy clothes home for cleaning by the maintenance service.
Leave free food and feed remains the stay before departure.
Meet the standards established by regulation.
the entry of pets is prohibited.
Room rates: 360 € / month, 135 € / week, 27 € / day (+ 10% VAT)

Usefull information

Formulario de solicitud de reserva de habitación
Nombre y Apellidos/Departamento UMH/Servicio UMH
Vinculación de quien reserva con la Universidad
DNI/NIE /CIF de la persona o entidad para la facturación
Dirección para la facturación
Persona responsable de la UMH
Correo electrónico responsable UMH
Teléfono responsable UMH
Num. de inquilinos (niños/adultos)
Inquilino principal o al cargo del grupo
DNI/NIE /CIF del inquilino principal
Teléfono del inquilino principal
Num. de habitaciones individuales solicitadas
Num. de habitaciones dobles solicitadas
Num. de habitaciones para discapacitados solicitadas
Fecha de entrada (dd/mm/aaaa)
Fecha de salida (dd/mm/aaaa)
Motivo de la visita o estancia
Modo de pago

10 January 2018